1. Site search
2. Made agreement with owner
3. Close owner issue

MSEB Licensing

1. File inward in office
2. Site serve with wire man
3. Provide estimate to company
4. LT/HT work on site
5. Electrical inspector permission provide
6. Line Charged


1. Provide Skilled engineer on site / man power
2. Made BTS, DG, Tower Foundation without any deviation in company given STD Giddiness & any deviation.

Electrical Work

1. Do the serve on site after allocation.
2. Earthling pit Work
3. Earthling Strip ratling work
4. On Tower L.A Avaction lap work etc.

Colo Upgraaetion Work

1. Provide skilled Rigar, M&G our onsite with complete safety equipments
2. Provide GSM, MW, POLE, Cable Try, or site business our own manufacturing fractory MIDC Chikalthana A’bad
3. Made general foundation for DG, BTS
4. Instalation of GSM mw Cluster EGS, Enery Strip Properly.